Looking at the temperature outside to decide when to turn on the furnace? That’s not quite the way it works. You need to look at the temperature within your home instead. When is the right time to turn on the heating? For a lot of families, early to mid-October is usually a good time if you have small children or seniors in your home. But in a home with healthy adults, the end of October is better to turn on the furnace and save a little on heating bills.

What is the right temperature setting for your heating?

Many Canadians are known to keep the temperature setting as low as 16 degrees, but the World Health Organization (WHO) says that ideally, it should range between 18 to 21 degrees.

However, in Ontario, it can be hard to figure out an exact time and date as the temperature keeps fluctuating day to day, month to month, every year. It can be chilly to the bone one day and warm the next, with sudden snowfall when you least expect it sometimes. On average, keeping the temperature inside the home between 18 to 21 degrees keeps your home comfortable. But never set the furnace too low, or the pipes might freeze.

We recommend you to turn on the furnace when the temperature drops down to 10 degrees at night. Before that, don’t forget to clean out the filter and get your furnace checked for routine maintenance so it serves you without breaking down when you need it most a few weeks later. 

Programmable Thermostat

Energy-efficiency depends on how well your furnace is maintained. A programmable thermostat helps to control the heating with temperature changes. For instance, lower the temperature when you are asleep or out of the house. It can be a little higher when home watching television or spending time with your children.

Change the Filter

It doesn’t take too long to change the filter. Just make sure your furnace is off when you do so. Remove it from the blower, clean it or dispose of the clogged one and replace it with a new one about every three months. Tune-up the furnace before you use it to increase its efficiency.

Book DMA Gas Services for Furnace Cleaning

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