Winter is here faster than we expected. It’s time to heat your pool now. A heated pool has many therapeutic benefits. It keeps you swimming, boosts blood circulation and keeps your health in optimal condition. A pool heater helps you maintain the temperature of the pool through the day and evening. No matter how cold it is outside, your pool will always be swimming-ready.

Operating costs of a pool heater differ from model to model. Some heaters last for three to four premium brands can last longer to 10 or 12 years. Just make sure to install it at the beginning of the season to enjoy it best. Get a maintenance check-up once a year to keep your thermometer efficient for many years. But first, which pool heater should you use?

Does Size Matter in Pool Heaters?

The size of the pool heaters does make a difference. It needs to be appropriate for the size of your pool to be effective. Heaters that are too small for the size of the pool won’t be effective in heating it uniformly. Before you invest, make sure you have a rough estimate of the pool’s size and shape. Measure if you must at the widest and longest points, the maximum depth as well as the minimum. Take these measurements to your pool retailer to calculate the volume. Then look for a suitable pool heater that meets your needs.

Types of Heaters

Solar Pool Heaters

The energy of the sun is used to heat up solar-powered pool heaters. These are the simplest, using black plastic or rubber panels to absorb heat through which water passes to warm up the pool. Solar heaters are the most affordable and easy-to-install. They are cheaper and the operating costs are less than gas heaters or heat pumps.

On the flip side, solar pool heaters are inconsistent because they are effective in heating only when the sun and the pool is located outdoors. Valves work well to shut off the water floor in colder weather. There is no way to control the temperature either like in gas heaters and heat pumps. The sun decides the temperature for you.

Heat Pumps

These are equipped with built-in fans to draw in warm air from outside. They blow the warm air over the evaporator coil in the heat pump that has a refrigerant. The warm air mingles with the refrigerant producing war gas from the chemical reaction that heats a metal tube to a comfortable temperature after which it shuts off. Unlike solar heaters, heat pumps let you select the exact temperature to heat the pool. But they are slow in doing so and costly to purchase.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heaters heat water quickly to the exact temperature you desire. They work by igniting propane or natural gas within a combustion chamber in a heater that heats a metal coil. The pool water heats up as it passes through the heater, then the temperature valve shuts off automatically, although it can be controlled manually through the built-in controls.

Gas heater works most effectively and quickly if you enjoy spontaneous swims. If you need to heat up the pool only when you swim, just for a few hours, these may work out best and turn out to be the most affordable.

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